10 Best-selling Car Prices in Indonesia October 2018

Automotive manufacturers are always issued the latest cars with the latest innovations. The expectation is acceptable to consumers, and selling in the market. If this can already be achieved, loyal consumers could be obtained. In this way the name of the manufacturer will be even greater and will benefit more.

10 Best-selling Car Prices in Indonesia October 2018

Sometimes even every year the manufacturer is always issued a new car or just a facelift. The goal is to appeal to enthusiasts and make consumers not saturated with cars that already exist.

The year 2018 is already running a little over 7 months. During the vulnerable time can already recorded what the best-selling car in the market. The best-selling car this year was inhabited by car from various segments, ranging from MPV, SUV, Pickup, and a city car.

The price of the car is the best selling existing 2018 will surely vary. This is determined from the specifications provided by 2018 the best-selling car. The following will be reviewed car specs and price best-selling 2018 according to Gaikindo on first half of 2018. Yuk, look fine!

1. The best selling Car price list October 2018

2. Car Toyota Avanza

3. Car Toyota Innova

4. Car Toyota Rush

5. Car Mitsubishi Xpander 6. Car Daihatsu Sigra

7. Toyota cars Calya

8. Car Daihatsu Gran Max Pickup 9. Car Daihatsu Terios

10. Car Honda HR-V

11. Car Toyota Agya

12. Video car Honda HR-V

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