Melville's Mother Goddess of marriage Testified her son with Inspector Bambang Series

The artist's Mother Goddess, Nehruwati, Melville told him will give testimony related to the process of a marriage between his son, Melville goddess, with Inspector General Bambang Sunarwibowo. 64-year-old woman was admitted to still remember the marriage procession series with the two-star Police General in Ancol, Mermaid Cottages in may 2017.

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 "Menikahnya in vila Beach, " says Nehruwati when found in the South Jakarta District Court, Tuesday, November 27, 2018. Currently Melville Goddess has been a defendant case blackmail and defamation.

This begins the moment Melville Goddess stated has been married to Bambang in the series. Weddings performed in Ancol, North Jakarta, on May 17, 2017. Melville ever got around to uploading the proximity to the police in general account instagramnya.

However, Bambang denied ever married siri with Melville goddess. He then reported to the police over the Goddess Melville defamation. Melville Goddess and then arrested based on an arrest warrant from the Directorate of criminal offence applicable Siber 10-11 August 2018.

According to Nehruwati, there are still witnesses other than herself and her husband, who witnessed the wedding of Melville Goddess with Bambang. He remembers when his son's wedding, there are two witnesses present brought. A man named Zulkifli plays provide clothes and make up and pegantin King named Hasan.

 "There is another two other people at the wedding venue, " says Nehruwati. He said Bambang also already several times came to his home in Madiun, East Java. He first came to Madison to get acquainted with it around January-February 2016.

After that, He returned to come and stay for two days in July 2016 Widths.  "Total meetings about six times in Madiun and Jakarta, " says Nehruwati.

In Jakarta, he said, the meeting is conducted in the House given Bambang in the way penguins, Bintaro, South Jakarta.  "Home on the street Penguin wedding dowry, " says Nehruwati

Nehruwati stated until now never thought his son processed law by her own husband. Melville Goddess, he said, was arrested at his home on the street Penguin on August 10, 2018.  "I had three months in Jakarta accompany trial Melville goddess, " says Nehruwati.

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